Excellen Browning is a skilled test pilot with the ATX team and is especially good at dog fighting. She is a very flirtatious, sexy character who is in love with Kyosuke. They became acquainted when Kyosuke Nanbo saved Excellen’s life in a serious shuttle accident resulting in extreme injury to Excellen. In this crash she almost died while Kyosuke came out without harm or injury.

Her body was not repairable and she was dying. Aliens who called themselves Einst used technology to reconstruct her body. This made her only twenty percent human. When Kyosuke met her, she was a second lieutenant on the ATX team, but since there was a vague memory of how she used to be they formed a relationship.

This anime character is a very flirtatious teasing person. She often wears a playboy bunny costume flaunting a large round bosom to tantalize everyone in the room. She jokes and flirts with every male crewmember she encounters and often cheers them up during battle and stressful situations.

She often tries to get the man she loves to become romantically inclined, however it amusingly usually boomerangs. Kyosuke ignores her or often pushes her away, leaving her frustrated. He does seem to love her nonetheless he attempts to keep up a professional attitude when she initiates romantic escapades or intimacy. Some would say that he does not treat her well.

She is a very positive character and often tries to help people who have a love relationship with their problems. Cheerful and out-going she likes to drink alcohol when she parties. Her battle metaphors are often not quite right in composition that makes funny and very entertaining dialogue.

Excellen is very outspoken and speaks her mind often. She is honest and requires that everyone must pay attention to her. She will flirt, tease and joke with everyone she encounters to get the attention she craves, even the other female characters. One character in particular that she likes very much is Lamia Loveless.

Excellen Browning had a minor appearance in Super Robot Wars Compact two Part one and as a protagonist in parts two and three. She was also a protagonist in Super Robot Wars Impact. In the original generation and generation two of Super Robot Taisen she was a playable character. Her character was also playable in Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Generation Gaiden.

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